Volunteer of the Month – March 2016

Angelina reyes March - VOM





The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia would like to both thank and honor Angelina Reyes for her volunteering efforts. She has been working with our organization for a few years now at our 9th Street location in SE Roanoke and loves spending her time helping our program to continue to provide top-notch after school education for our members.

Angelina is originally from New York, but currently calls Virginia Beach her home. Despite being so far from home, she considers Roanoke her home-away-from-home and has grown to love being part of the “cozy, close-knit community” that exists here.

Angelina first started working with The Boys & Girls Clubs while she was participating in a class project at Jefferson College of Health Sciences, where she is currently finishing her degree in Health Psychology. When it came time for her to give her hard work and efforts to a Non-Profit for her senior outreach project, she knew the right place to go was The Boys & Girls Clubs.

Her connection to the community is one thing that she prides herself on. She sees her work with the Boys & Girls Clubs and the work that our organization is doing as a way of bringing people together and making this community better for everyone. She spoke about the focus of the Boys & Girls Clubs on not only on providing a safe, educational place, but also providing a place that supports the community around it.

Angelina is a caring, loving volunteer to our kids and she loves working with our staff.  When asked about what surprised her when volunteering for The Boys & Girls Clubs she spoke about the resilience and openness of the kids she has worked with here. “If they are struggling on a subject or assignment, they are not afraid to ask for help” she says. “These kids are always excited about everything. They do not care where you come from or what may be going on in your life . . . working there pushes me to live in the moment.”

When asked about working with the staff Angelina praised them saying “I have met some amazing and giving people . . . the staff here are very welcoming and open . . . they love what they do and it shows through their interactions with the kids, other staff, and the parents . . . the staff really makes the time at the 9th Street Club enjoyable.”

Angelina also had this to say about someone who is still thinking about donating or volunteering for The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia, saying “I would ask them what they are waiting for?? Definitely donate what you can, everything makes an impact. This is a fantastic organization which puts kids, family, and community first!”

Thank you Angelina for all of the hard work you do here for our staff and our kids. We are lucky to have the dedicated, wonderful volunteers we have working with us! Thank you for your commitment to helping our kids live fuller, more fulfilled lives.