A Week of Good Deeds

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A Week of Good Deeds

Each day throughout National Boys & Girls Club Week, our Club Members will do a “good deed” by volunteering in our community. From dance performances for the elderly to serving the homeless, these good deeds will exemplify our priority outcome of Good Character and Citizenship. While our Club Members are performing good deeds, we are asking the community to give back too! Join us by signing up to volunteer during Boys & Girls Club Week.


Calendar of Good Deeds

Monday, March 23  Tuesday, March 24  Wednesday, March 25  Thursday, March 26  Friday, March 27 

Cheer & Praise Dance Performance
at Berkshire Health & Rehabilitation Center
& Friendship Retirement Community

Homemade Healthy Snack 
Give-Away at West End Community Market

Praise Dance Performance
at Springtree Health & Rehabilitation Center

Homemade Dinner Service
at the Trust House

Handmade Table Favors
for the Rescue Mission


Get Involved

We challenge YOU to do a “good deed” too:

  • We need 8 volunteers each day, Monday – Friday, to make a difference in our Club Members’ lives. Shifts are from 4-6PM each day at the 9th Street Roanoke Club during Boys & Girls Club Week. Please fill out the following form to sign up as a volunteer for our Week of Good Deeds. As a volunteer, you will be working directly with our Club Members, ages 6-12. You must be 18+ to volunteer & you are not confirmed to volunteer until you have been contacted by a BGCSWVA staff member.
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