Great Futures

Everyday, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia touches children’s lives. Through our priority outcomes and programs focused on: Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles, our kids are immersed in a comprehensive learning environment that enables them to reach their full potential as happy, healthy, and productive citizens. Our Club Kids dream BIG and each has his or her own story to tell and Great Future up ahead. Here are a few of their stories:


Anthony 3

Anthony is a 9th grader who recently joined our Boys & Girls Club. He loves the STEM program at the Club and his favorite subject is Math, specifically Algebra. His Great Future is to graduate high school and go to college.


Adrian 4

Adrian is a 5th grader who loves learning STEM at the Club. His favorite subject is science, and he really likes learning about rocks and geology. One of his favorite things to do at the Club is to play outside where he enjoys catching bugs and getting bugs to eat other bugs. Adrian’s Great Future is to go to Virginia Tech and become a zoologist and entomologist.


Elijah 9

Elijah is a 1st grader who loves our Healthy Lifestyles programs – his favorite Club activity is playing outside. Elijah’s Great Future is to be a basketball player for the Lakers, and he can’t wait to play basketball for the Club!


Leah 6_1

Leah is 5th grader who joined the Boys & Girls Clubs over the summer with her brother. She loves math and our STEM program. Her Great Future is very close to our heart – she wants to work for the Boys & Girls Clubs when she grows up because it’s so fun!


Nadia 5

Nadia loves learning science at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia so much, she even started a Science Club at her school! Nadia is a 4th grader who owns 4 pets and loves different plants and trees. Her Great Future is to become a veterinarian and help all of the animals in the world!


Journey 3

Journey loves reading at the Club, especially Goosebumps books. She is in 2nd grade and her favorite subject is learning. When Journey grows up, she wants to work for the Boys & Girls Clubs, but until then, her Great Future is to help people with their homework.


Isaiah 4

Isaiah loves our programs focused on Academic Success – his favorite subject is history and he likes to learn about presidents and the environment. Although Isaiah is only in the 6th grade he already has his life figured out – his Great Future is to become a cop, which has been his life-long dream.


Stephanie 2

Estephanie loves the STEM program at the Club, where she learned a lot about science, technology, and the air. Estephanie also loves the computer lab at the Club where she plays Science Warrior and Science Tools. Estephanie has been a Club Kid since kindergarten, and now she is in the 4th grade! Although she has a strong love for science, she also loves the Arts programs and her Great Future is to become a singer, like her favorite artists Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea.


Jameer 2

Jameer is a 3rd grader enjoying his first year at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia. His favorite part of the Club is playing outside and joining in on the Healthy Lifestyle programs. Jameer’s Great Future is to play football for the Redskins.