Member Spotlight – Caleb

caleb3When Caleb began attending the Christiansburg Middle School Boys & Girls Club as a 6th grader in August 2014, he was not doing well academically and had issues with sportsmanship and teamwork. Although a very talented basketball player, Caleb would never pass the ball to his teammates, he wasn’t doing well in school, and he wasn’t being respectful to his classmates and peers. The Club staff knew that Caleb could excel with the right guidance and that his infectious smile, leadership qualities, and swag exposed his potential to be a star student and leader.

Caleb has transformed through the guidance of the Club staff and the Boys & Girls Club programming. Through participation in the Triple Play program, which focuses on active lifestyles, sportsmanship, and teamwork, Caleb has improved immensely, especially in sportsmanship. He now freely shares the ball during basketball and also encourages his teammates instead of laughing at their mistakes. Caleb said that one day “a light bulb went off” and he began thinking about his behavior and study habits. Now his teachers and the Club staff report that he is taking his schoolwork seriously and is working hard to improve. Caleb says that although he sometimes doesn’t show it, “I want people to think good things about me because I am a good person.”

You can support Caleb and his love of the Clubs’ Healthy Lifestyles programs. Sponsor one of our Programs today and help Caleb, and all of our Club members, have a safe, supportive environment to thrive, excel, and accomplish their Great Futures.